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I’m spent. I’ll come back soon and tell you all about it. They have yet to count the second place votes. I got 2,500 first place votes, so they say. I demand a re-count!!!! Advertisements

photo by Jason So here are some links for your Monday morning…. video of the “debate” with Gavin Newsom last Saturday. How Gavinwatch got it before I did is beyond me. Josh Wilson write about journalistic integrity…. Here is some funny writing about Ethics and my timeline with them from the SF Weakly… […]

You have an opportunity to speak at an Ethics Commission meeting tomorrow evening at 5:30 (sharp!). There is another meeting (that we are not on the agenda for) that is allowing public comment. Do you have a comment on verbage being stricken from the minutes of a meeting that casts the fate of the Matching […]

Chicken John: Project Artist Connect Artist Reception Thursday November 1st 7pm-9pm In accordance with Gavin Newsome’s programs Project Homeless Connect, Project Green Connect, Project perfect hair Connect, Chicken John has created Project Artist Connect, inviting 10 San Francisco artists to depict their city in a visual commentary addressing local issues and attributes. The exhibition features […]

Near the bottom of this article: It’s not a direct quote, but it’s still damn funny: “Buses could be disrupted later that night if unsanctioned gaiety breaks out despite the ban, Muni warned.” This Halloween stuff is starting to get silly. Unsanctioned gaiety. In San Francisco!!!! Holy shit. We are in big trouble. The […]

Jewish stuff…


An article in Tuesday’s Maariv, an Israeli daily newspaper, covers the indy candidates for Mayor of San Francisco, including Chicken John. Attached is a screenshot of the article from the e-version of the paper.

illustration by Sebastian Hyde OK, so Chuck Sperry (famous art guy) is gonna do a run of 250 of this poster. Great timing, too. We’re almost out of money. We’ve spent a ton of cash on accountants, staff and legal stuff. And I’m sure there is more coming. But we also made thousands of buttons, […]

from humble beginnings…. the cars that I sold to buy that bar… that I sold to buy the house… that is now the campaign headquarters…. humble beginnings indeed…. They keep asking me for content. Interviewing me. Want me to go to an endorsement meeting. What a joke. They wrote an article, and the online version […]

The cover of this months’ Bay Woof! Photo by Lane Hartwell , her first cover… The text inside (the theme for the issue is Gratitude): Dammit Dog and me have been together a long, long time. And some of those years were road years. Sure, I’m grateful. That’s only the beginning… she’s 17 1/2. […]

photo by Deb Sherman First of all, there is a really good pitch about the ‘debate’ last week on Fog City Journal. It’s an online mag that’s got squishy liberal all over it, but the Crackberry writer is a swell wordsmith and the photographer is second only to Lane. Even if he’s a Brit with […]