CHICKEN: Monday evening appeal at the Ethics Commission, precincts,ribbon cutting and Losers Ball


You have an opportunity to speak at an Ethics Commission meeting tomorrow evening at 5:30 (sharp!). There is another meeting (that we are not on the agenda for) that is allowing public comment. Do you have a comment on verbage being stricken from the minutes of a meeting that casts the fate of the Matching Funds for committee Vote for Chicken? Hmmmm…. then you might want to stop by….

Monday we have 18 more precincts to walk. Takes like 2 hours. Put doorhangers on doorknobs. Look harmless. Get excercize. Listen to Ipod. Get eternal gratitude. Bragging points.

Monday evening our friends Phobe and Leighton are opening a shop on Valencia and 16th called the 5 and Diamond. At 8:00, there is a ribbon cutting ceremony that I will preside over. You are welcome to wish them well. Buy a bracelet or some hippy beads or something.

Tuesday night is the LOSERS BALL. It’s shaping up to be a HUGE show. More soon… I just wanna make sure you’ll all be there. But where else would ya be?

Here are some alarming statistics:

“Since February, only 154 voters have been added to the city’s registration rolls. That’s far fewer than the 26,652 added during the same period in 2003 and the 75,339 in 1999, when the write-in campaign for Supervisor Tom Ammiano worked overtime to register voters for his run against then-Mayor Willie Brown, who was elected to a second term.”

Well one of the newly registered voters was me. And I registered a bunch of people when I was doing that awful petition thing. Probably at least 100 people. I guess Gavin didn’t really get the registration thing out. Probably wasn’t good odds, or he’d have done it. Kinda puts a chill in the air, don’t it? Maybe people are starting to see how bad things really are. I’ve always said that they are gonna have to get a lot worse before they get any better.

This evening I had the most pleasant interaction with a reporter that I have ever had. And that says a lot. A guy named Karl Vick, Washington Post. The difference between talking to this guy and the Chronicle people was like night and day. This guy was a journalist. Smart. Fun. Traveled. For all our wealth and ideas one of the biggest problems in SF I’m realizing is solid, world class journalists writing for our daily paper. But the cartoons this week in the SF Weakly hit a new low. Now I’m not gonna pretend that a part of this election wasn’t using Gavin as a punching bag… fair’s fair. You take your lumps. We all do. This was just lame. Bad Showmanship. Bad sport. Poorly drawn. With no punchline, it can’t be funny unless it’s ironic. Anyway, this is what politics in SF 2007 has come to. I’m debating a puppet and Matt Smith is a cartoonist:

Please come to the Ethics Meeting at 5:30 in City Hall. Call me, I’ll tell you what room it’s in…

Chicken John
San Francisco, California


2 Responses to “CHICKEN: Monday evening appeal at the Ethics Commission, precincts,ribbon cutting and Losers Ball”

  1. 1 Dawn Stott

    Good luck tonight! I work the closing shift now until 7 or 8.

  2. Just sent to all “Ethics” commissioners:

    John St. Croix, Executive Director
    Susan Harriman, Chairperson
    Emi Gusuka, Vice-Chairperson
    Eileen Hansen, Commissioner
    Jamienne S. Studley, Commissioner
    Charles L. Ward, Commissioner

    Dear Commissioner,

    I am an San Francisco resident, and an arts administrator for the City of Palo Alto. I was shocked and disappointed to see the way one of the mayoral candidates, “Chicken” John Rinaldi was treated by your commission.

    I was under the impression that public funding (matching funds) as administered by the Ethics Commission as a way to invite grass-roots organizations and non-mainstream candidates into the system, as a way of keeping the playing field more even so that the ideas favored by big money would not always dominate the discussion.

    Judging by your actions as committee, I now see that you are there to keep the status quo, and keep “the little guys” out of the public eye.

    I must admit, the way the process works seems ethical at first glance, but that is deceptive. It is clearly loaded in favor of big money.


    • Your minutes should match the actual content of your meetings. See:

    • Donations via Pay-Pal should of course be accepted as legitimate! Don’t we live in the center of the high-tech world?

    • There should be clear, concise and understandable parameters of what will be accepted as proof of address.

    • Small cash donations should be acceptable with sworn statement.

    • It should be easier for people who have moved recently, or who have expired driver’s licenses, or people whose business name is on their personal checks, or have other minor discrepancies to have their donations counted.

    • You should understand that with grass-roots organizations, there will be a few typos or other mistakes. These organizations should not be punished for this.

    Please be on the side of “small d” democracy! Many of us will be closely watching the outcome of this situation. Of course, you did already succeed in muffling an important voice in favor of the arts, and of renters, and of local color during the election. Hopefully you will change your priorities before the next one.

    Larnie Fox
    San Francisco, CA

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