Affordable artist housing… an art show Thursday night at the Chez Poulet



Chicken John: Project Artist Connect

Artist Reception Thursday November 1st 7pm-9pm

In accordance with Gavin Newsome’s programs Project Homeless Connect, Project Green Connect, Project perfect hair Connect, Chicken John has created Project Artist Connect, inviting 10 San Francisco artists to depict their city in a visual commentary addressing local issues and attributes. The exhibition features a range of work in subject and medium, including solemn pencil drawings, explosive statements in metal, and a real estate company selling modular housing solutions. Chicken John will be on hand to relate his platform to the San Francisco presented by the artists, and to discuss the dilemmas facing our city. An unnamed cast of characters will push political hot-buttons with impromptu performances and crooked fingers, truly exemplifying innovative art.

Participating artists:
Benjamin Carpenter (Bender)
Muriel Buckner (Sunshine)
James McPhee
Nancy Kalef
Lee Harvey Roswell
Rebecca Meredith
Larnie Fox
Dr. Hal Robins
Michael Christian
Robin Frohardt
Dystopic Horizons Realty


One Response to “Affordable artist housing… an art show Thursday night at the Chez Poulet”

  1. Great idea for a theme. My work does not comply with it, however, sorry. I can’t even think of a way to fudge it into the theme. I just try to make cool stuff, and I generally don’t buy art supplies ~ for the same reason that other artists can’t afford to stay in San Francisco. I used to get most of my supplies from dumpsters, yard sales and thrift stores, but since I have moved up in the income brackets, now I buy hot glue sticks and bamboo skewers, and little motors from Radio Shack™. You’ll see. I have no doubt that our curator Ani will make the show look great, even if thematically we may be a bit random.

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