Chuck Sperry silkscreening 250 posters for fundraising…


illustration by Sebastian Hyde

OK, so Chuck Sperry (famous art guy) is gonna do a run of 250 of this poster. Great timing, too. We’re almost out of money. We’ve spent a ton of cash on accountants, staff and legal stuff. And I’m sure there is more coming. But we also made thousands of buttons, flyers, posters and stickers. We paid thousands of dollars to artists for work (how novel, huh) and we learned how to run a campaign. We need another fundraising push, but just a little one. We have enough to pay the rest of the accountants and stuff, but need to kick in some money for 35,000 doorhangers (for election day) that are NO on H, YES on A and Quintin and Chicken for Mayor. That and a little surprise we have on Halloween.

If you haven’t guessed we are not likely going to get the matching funds. I wish I could give you a definitive no… but I can’t. It’s still in process. It’s like they are stalling. Or something. If we do get them, it will be the day before the election. Yes, you should be outraged. But I don’t know what else to say. We were robbed of $850,000. That I’m not spitting mad is either a testament to years of meditation or a good indicator that I’m nutty. I think we could have won, too…

I was reading in the Economist that the person who usually wins an election is the candidate who knows the most people. Yea. Well. That’d be me…

Secure the second place vote, get the funds and push a rush for #1… that was the plan. With the second place sewn up from the other candidates and with enough #1’s to trigger the run-off I’d win by a landslide. Even with only 30% of the first position votes.

But we’ll never know now. But there were a few days… when I’d lay my head down to sleep… when the last thing I would think about is all those potholes… calling to me…. “Fill me, chicken… fill me!!!!”

I did it for the potholes.


So buy a poster. Pretty please. There is only 12 days till the election… but what a glorious 12 days it can be…


2 Responses to “Chuck Sperry silkscreening 250 posters for fundraising…”

  1. 1 josh

    We are watching your campaign with interest out here in Perth, Australia, Chicken John. The Australian interpretation of democracy is superior in many ways, but is not different enough to justify the revolution it would take to change it. YOu are cordially invited to come here and crash on our couches and see for yourself when the campaign is over.

  2. 2 fetchingphoto

    I think it’s important to note, and give credit to, San Francisco Chronicle photographer Chris Stewart, who took the original photo of Chicken that this illustration is based on.

    I wonder, did someone ask Stewart for permission to use his image?

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