The cover of this months’ Bay Woof!



The cover of this months’ Bay Woof!

Photo by Lane Hartwell , her first cover…

The text inside (the theme for the issue is Gratitude):

Dammit Dog and me have been together a long, long time. And some of those years were road years. Sure, I’m grateful. That’s only the beginning… she’s 17 1/2. Lost a toe. Crooked from vistibular disease. Broke a few limbs. Teeth ground down to the nubs. Lost her tail at some point. Kinda blind. Totally deaf. Sleeps with her tongue hanging out of her mouth… scares the shit out of me. All that and she still does her act like a pro. We were in the circus all those years ago. And if she hears anyone clapping even now, she’ll assume her show positions. It’s in her blood. Showdog. Not some sissy blow-dried 80’s Fiero dog. This is the dog that rides shotgun in a 1961 Ford pick-up that the door keeps falling off of. Dammit Dog is the single best thing that ever happened to me. It was an honor to be on the other end of her leash. And I think she’s got a few more years, even. I lost her leash eons ago. She worked hard. She doesn’t need a leash. But she can hardly hear me whistle anymore. But I’m not rushin’ her… she’ll hop in the truck when she’s ready. Grateful? That’s only the beginning…


One Response to “The cover of this months’ Bay Woof!”

  1. 1 Tracy

    For this cover and article alone, the whole thing was worth it. She gets the kudos she deserves.

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