Great night…


Well. Where does one start? The ‘debate’ was well done. You can probably see it somewhere online. I’ll post it somehow. Everyone sounded really good. I hate to say it, but there were 7 or 8 people on stage that could be great mayors of San Francisco. I got some yucks in, did the East Coast posture thing like nobody’s business. I answered some of thier questions… sometimes, I answered other things. I was the only candidate that did that. I mentioned, in my closing statement, that San Francisco “Wasn’t a bunch of Zombies”. Boy, was I wrong….

photo by Lane Hartwell

Here is the debate deal. I’m talkin’, Gavin’s laughing. 30 second answers. NOT easay. I aced. It was fun.

photo by Lane Hartwell

This is what was waiting at the exit. 400 zombies. Cops. Security. Screaming. Panic. It was real. Peope were freaking out. There were so many zombies, that you actually couldn’t see through them from the exit of the library. It was awesome.

photo by Lane Hartwell

The gaurds pulled down the gate. Nobody in. Nobody out. People were screaming from the inside. It was kinda intence for a minute. I barely got out….

photo by Lane Hartwell

…only to be turned…

Photo by RockBandit

We loaded the undead on the bus and zombied around the Marina, looking for Gavin’s after party. We invented Zombieokie. Which is kareokie with zombie grunting. That was a great night in my life. One of 10.

Thank you San Francisco.


11 Responses to “Great night…”

  1. Almost makes me wish I were a voter in SF…

  2. 2 Nina Rawkstah

    Truly a beautiful moment in SF history.

  3. awwwwwwwww dang I shoulda stuck around for the zombieparty! REGRETS!

  4. 4 San Francisco

    You’re welcome, Chicken. There’s more where that came from.

  5. one of 10 huh? it was truly epic. i am so freekin happy i was there. …uughhh…uugggghhaaaaa…uh

  6. Oh my goodness, that looks soooooooooo sexy. You kids have all the fun.

  7. 7 tasty

    tastes like chicken….only even better


    Here’s the link to the mayor debate.
    Windows loads fine… Mac you need to wait about 20 seconds- but it will play.

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