Please support me in the only ‘real’ debate tomorrow (which is actually a forum)


Thursday the 11th, 6:00 Main branch of the public library

OK, so this is it. This is likely the only debate that Gavin will do with any of us. We get 30 seconds to respond to a question. So maybe 10 questions. 30 seconds to answer. No introduction. This is it. This is the draconian approach to a ‘fair’ election. This is so rigged it’s absurd. Gavin refused to do it if any TV stations were there. We got cable. No cameras, no video. Nothing. It will be like it never happened. The Chron will write about how Gavin answered ‘tough questions’ and how Grasshopper made fart noises. This whole thing sucks. But it’s what we got. It would be great to see a bunch of you in the crowd. We encourage you to come early and get in line, so you can get a seat. We will provide entertainment and refreshments to our people in line. Please let us know that you are one of our people by raising your hands often and declaring that you have a head injury. “I have a head injury.” as we walk by with snacks and drinks. If for no other reason then to get other people to proclaim “I have a head injury.” Somehow that’s funny.

I’m kinda bummed. This is the extent that we are even acknowledged. It’s really hard to get anyone to even notice you, forget hear what you say. This politics is dirty business. I should have guessed. It feels good to know that you can still be naive about some things.

The show starts at 6:00. We are recommending getting there at 4:00 or so. It’s over at 7:30.

There will be a surprise waiting for you when you come out. Please participate.

This is what a few of the others candidates paid the $5,000 for.

It would be great to have your support there…

chicken john


photo by Lane Hartwell


3 Responses to “Please support me in the only ‘real’ debate tomorrow (which is actually a forum)”

  1. What a great way for Gavin to show he *is* a chicken. Heh. I don’t get why mainstream press won’t pick up on his refusal to participate.

  2. 2 Vanessa

    watch it with the hat chicken- too BM

  3. Thank you! I delighted!
    we beg pardon
    The Regard! The Excellent forum! Thank you!

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