Lunch today. Roast pig. Press. Angry talk.


So this is a letter to people who donated to my campaign. Just so everyone knows, that total was around $38,000. I first asked for money on the evening of August 6th. The last payments dripped in on the 28th late in the evening. So it’s 21 days. $38,000. That’s $1,809.50 a day. Compared to Gavin’s measly 1.5 million over the last 2 years that he’s been traveling all over like a buzy beaver raising for a daily total of $2,054.79 a day. If I would actually get the matching funds I have qualified for I’d get another $84,000. For a total of $122,000. Or a daily take of $5,809.50. With almost 500 individual donations, if you use the polling tool that Gavin uses that one person represents 100 constituents, that means that I’ve got at least 50,000 people on my side. It would seem that I’m polling better then he was 4 years ago.

But it’s all so petty, really.

I seem to have qualified for the funds, but they are refusing to give them to me. The problems are many. The Ethics Commission is not really bending over backwards to solve the problems. But that’s understandable. I’ve kinda been having trouble with the beaurocracy part since the first day. I got that form to put the signatures on. I put it on my website as a PDF. The Election people freaked. They send me a demand that I take it down. They said that you can’t do that. Not without writing a letter. I wrote them a letter asking permission to embrace technology. 3 days later the form was on Gavin’s website as well. I asked if there was anything I should know about accepting PayPal donations. They said it was fine. I asked other candidates who have received matching funds they said it wasn’t a problem.

It’s all a problem. It’s like a giant problem. Actually, pretty much all of it is nearly impossible to navigate. If you’ve moved in the last few years, you likely can not give money to a candidate and qualify for matching funds. Period.

But there’s good news. We found so many holes in the Ethics Commission that we slice it thin and put it on bread and call it Swiss cheese. There is so much ambiguity surrounding this that there is no way that they can just say we didn’t qualify. And the really good news is that it all now HAS to be fixed. They are going to have to clean up this mess and make it so that other people can get this money. I’m going to help them help themselves. I’d like you to help as well….

Please come to a lunch thing tomorrow @ noon at Southpark and enjoy some delicious ROAST PIG. We roasted a pig for our lunch tomorrow, great for photo ops… we invited the Mayor and the press… and YOU!!!! Our fabulous donors. We took out a full page ad in the Weakly to make sure everyone knows and I think that it will be great for the press to ask all of you how you feel about not being able to give money to a political organization but you can still vote but it won’t really matter because the press has already announced the winner and the winner of the next one. I guess I should have invited Camilla Harris to lunch as well. Anyone know her? Tell her to come on down!

Next Monday at 5:30 the Ethics Commission meets at City Hall. We are likely going to have to ask for an appeal. I’d like to extend an invitation to all of you to come down and see the wheels of justice grind to a halt when I stand in front of the Ethics Commission hearing and explain to them that the definition of ethic is the science of morals. I am comforted that there opinions don’t matter. It’s a good thing. I think they’re all appointed.

The real tragedy here is that this has be consuming time. A lot of it. I haven’t wanted to commit to what kind of campaign this was gonna be until I knew what the budget was. I gotta know if I can get bailed outta jail, ya know… but it looks as if we are going to proceed as if we are not going to get the funds. Which is OK. We just can’t afford all that top shelf booze and the limos I was planning on hiring. And the chamber orchestra for the losing party at 12 Galaxies on election night… but I’m getting ahead of myself here….

I have yet to properly thank everyone for the amazing outpouring of support. Astounding. Mind numbing. Dumbfounding. I can hardly believe how many there are of you. I’m having a thank you dinner at my house on the 17th of Oct. please RSVP if you can come. I’ll have another one closer to the election. Thank you all so much. I hope I’m doing a good job. Well, there’s not much to see right now, but trust me it’s coming….

Below is the press release. Feel free to forward this on to other press contacts you may have.

Press release: Chicken John 415-215-1632

Lunch is on You! (well, on my donors at least…)

Yes, we’re going to have a picnic on Tuesday Oct. 9th @ noon.

We’ve invited Gavin Newsom to come and talk about Public Financing/ Matching Funds.

It sure is hard, maybe even impossible to qualify for public funding. It seems possible they were not going to give them us no matter how hard we tried.

Our style of campaigning is not the usual paint by numbers style.

I guess we rubbed somebody the wrong way when we ran for second, promised to not win and then showed a constituency of 50,000 people.

We’re the silent majority.

San Francisco is a place of art. For artists. It’s an inarguable platform.

My garbage can disappeared last week.

Please come speak to a few of my donors. You’ll know them by the yellow armbands.

At SouthPark. Tuesday. Noon.

Here’s a full page ad I took out, page 84 SF Weakly this week:
SF Weekly Ad


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