Power haircut


So I decided that I didn’t have a chance in politics without a power haircut. My hair’s best years were in the 80’s. I had some dumb hair. Check this out:


… or how about this one:


That Mohawk that I was sporting (in this photo a tender 16 years old) was dyed every color of the rainbow, but before digital photos you had to pay money for film. Living in a squat in a freezing NYC winter I had better things to spend what little cash I had on…

But the hair really makes the man. Truly. And with my hair migrating like collage artists from Soma, well I’m bound to be nobody pretty soon. It’s a weird thing, this losing your hair. I kinda like it. For the first time in my life, I look my age. No wrinkles yet (not one) and I could probably do a sit up or 2… but for the most part I’m looking all of my 39 years. Holding well. But I needed a miracle. So I went to Edgardo Chacon. I was looking for a miracle.

I was referred to Edgardo by the popular website Yelp.

Edgardo is a Columbian from NYC. His accent is amazing. The Columbian accent is my favorite. Regal. Defined. Unapologetic. In many ways it’s better English then any of us spout, and it’s way more fun. Funny. Sexy. Emotional. Edgardo is cool. We talk about the old days in NYC: Danceteria, Save the Robots… we were there at the same times. He was pensive but interested in my Mayoral run. And kinda confused. He told me: “I’ve been cutting Gavin’s hair since he was 24. He’s got good hair.” I concur. If I had Gavin’s hair and H. Browns smarts, why, there’s nothing that could stop me!

But I digress. The cut was pricey, but they gave me an asian smock and a glass of vino… it’s got a good view as well. The Kamalaspa. 7th floor on Union Square. As I looked out over Union Square, I remembered the Santa’s meeting there in ’95… before they changed the park and made it into the hidious debacle that it is now. That was a fun night. Edgardo is kinda a master with the scissors. Grace, skill and poise… he snipped and snipped and then: Voila!!! It was amazing.

Here is the before shot:


Photo by Lane Hartwell

Here is the after:


Photo by Lane Hartwell

IT’S A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Edgardo. It was tons of fun.



3 Responses to “Power haircut”

  1. 1 James Lamb

    Springin’ for fancy haircuts… what? Have the checks cleared ? (and yes, that’s even more Gav than the Gav ?!)

    Now there’s a Halloween idea… 600 people with Gav hair decending upon City Hall. Like the night of the living hairball or something.

  2. I paid for the haircut with my own money, and I tipped pretty well too. I’ve been spending campaign funds on accountants and lunchmeats for strategy meetings. I’ve actually not spent that much. I’ve got a war chest. So far the biggest expence has been the filings with the Ethics Commission. Next is staff costs, and then odds and ends. The billboard on the side of my building cost like $1,400 or so. The posters were $500. I dropped like $200 at Office Max. It all adds up…

    Gavin hair. I like it. Sounds like a disease…

  3. 3 Hope Chest

    Another good thing about losing your hair is that every day you get a little more head.

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