CHICKEN: 8 years ago today, at this time….


Tom Ammiano filed as a write in candidate and took Willy Brown to a run off. Today, no one filed as a write in candidate. And today was the last day. Actually, the 23rd was the last day. That’s this Sunday, so someone could argue it, if’n ya wanted to file on Monday. So if you were here 8 years ago, today was that magic day. 22 year old Dot Com billionaires were buying Porches and throwing banquets to impress chicks that just got their braces off. The value of arcade sized video games went through the roof because every office need one or 3. The housing bubble was being inflated. Live/Work lofts were being invented. The bay bridge just went up to $3. Fire spinning was still kinda cool. The Burning Man was on a pile of haybales. Clinton was president. Solar power was something ‘in the future’. Green was a color. Terrorism was something that happened in Beirut. The dollar was worth more in other countries. A lot more. Tsunami’s were things that happened in history. We were concerned about the Y2K bug with computers. Livin’ La Vida Loca was a hit song. Prince’s 1999 was on the raidio constantly. Apple released the blue and white Power Mac G-3. Columbine. Napster debuts. World population reaches 6 billion. John F Kennedy Jr. flies his plane into the ocean. You still knew people who said “I’m never going to get a computer”. Cell phones were uncommon.

That was 8 years ago.




One Response to “CHICKEN: 8 years ago today, at this time….”

  1. 1 Sunshine

    Thank you for the history lesson Professor Chicken.


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