New Campaign Website!


Lev here with an important Chicken for Mayor campaign announcement.

Our official campaign site,, is alive and kicking. Come by and check it… admire the lovely look and easy-to-read layout by Steve Hubbard… gaze at the glamorous photographs by Lane Hartwell…. listen to the inspiring anthem “The Year of the Chicken” by our court composer, Jascha Ephraim…. read Will Franken’s whimsical biography of our brave leader…. learn about Chicken John’s revolutionary views about art, innovation and the future of our fair city. And, when you’re done, leave your endorsement!

FYI, will continue to be the campaign blog, and its contents will appear on the main page of for the duration of the campaign.


4 Responses to “New Campaign Website!”

  1. 1 MissCheeky

    I just wanted to say that today’s commute on a very crowded London tube train was much more enjoyable due to completing my Absentee Ballot with Chicken as my first choice for Mayor!

    Woo-hoo! The campaign is international!

  2. Who said it was an “absurdist” campaign? Only you said that Bob. I’ve got everything that a good candidate needs: a advesary, a platform, a budget, catchphrazes, talking points… everything. Even a heckler named Bob. There is nothing absurd about my campaign. Unless I win….

  3. Hi,
    I would like to have a fundraiser for C.J. I mean look at all the neat stuff he’s done. A green house near the Civic Center,a bad ass billboard on Caeser Chavez, and NEW…
    A pretty hilarious video starring Chicken John(holding a small child,he’ll win for sure) and Mayor Gavin Newsom randomly meeting in a hallway.
    So, I have ideas and would like to have help. I used to promote gimundo rock concerts and I know we can raise some serious bucks….not in the standard way, as in charging thousands for a frikkin’ meal. I really think he could win. So, I’m going to do all I can!
    Besides, I’m not employed right now and need a project.
    I like dark meat.
    Contact me via email with a phone # and yes, Chicken John will need to approve any “ideas or fundraisers” for his campaign.

  1. 1 Chicken John Mural & Call For Art by San Francisco Artists | Laughing Squid

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