It’s on!!!!!!!!!


First of all: Article today in the Bay Gardian

Finally a piece of good press. The sheep will likely follow, reporters are dumb farm animals.

I did my first public speaking to the sunset Democrat club last night, asking for an endorsement. Quinten Meckie was also there, and did the dog and pony show with the gloom and doom progressive thing like nobodys business. Of course, the old ladys can’t hear anyone…. but that’s the comdey part. I enjoyed it. It was very wholesome…

We have our slogans down to a few runners up:

Campaign artist
First choice for second place
Pretend your vote counts
IRV means never having to say your sorry
Fail to win
Am I elected yet?

Today I find out if we qualify for matching funds. If our inital filing is rejected, we will have 5 days to re-file. We know that we will get shot down this first time, but think that we will only be off by some small amount and it won’t be because we don’t have the money part, it’s the paperwork part. They must have proof that the people live in SF. So I’m not totally sure how they determine that, but we’re gonna find out in 2 hours.



4 Responses to “It’s on!!!!!!!!!”

  1. howdy chicken,

    sure ya got plenty of bases to cover and maybe this is already on yur radar, but you shouldn’t miss this if you’re available 2nite, or send a rep to push yur schemes…
    the folks at shaping sf/counterpulse aren’t the doom and gloom variety progressives and they usually have a pretty sharp grasp on who and what has our city wearing the cement shoes …

    SHAPING San Francisco’s
    All events are on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m.
    at CounterPULSE, 1310 Mission (at 9th) in San Francisco

    CO-SPONSORED BY NATURE IN THE CITY and Independent Arts & Media “$56 million a year and Where’s The Art?”

    Sept. 12

    From city arts entitlements to grantmaking by private foundations, big money is spent on the arts in San Francisco. Funders struggle to be fair, while local artists and arts organizations are torn between their creative mission and market forces. This event is co-sponsored by Independent Arts & Media as part of the annual Expo for the Artist and Musician. With San San Wong (SF Arts Commission), John Killacky (SF Foundation), Frances Phillips (Walter & Elise Haas Sr. Foundation), Jessica Robinson (CounterPULSE), Colleen Marlow (Art Head), Krissy Keefer (Dance Mission)


  2. 2 Sam

    I read about your truck on the INeedCoffee site. Very cool. Good luck on election day.

  3. 3 richard stone

    hi chicken,

    i talked to you re: green party sleeperfest, good you didn’t make it, for staying awake may’ve made you the first candidate ever to receive matching campaign funds deposited into ones temporary autonomous zone!!! what is the principle interest on that?? sorta late in the game for this but..

    1. you state that you’re political beliefs border on libertarian
    2. hakim bey may not be one

    proposed campaign slogan: ‘my t.a.z. is n.i.m.b.y.’

    (for other readers, who may not know, taz-temporary autonomous zone; nimby-not in my back yard)

    richard stone
    green party anger management consultant
    transcendental agnostic frontman
    (apologies to robert anton wilson, r.i.p.)

  1. 1 Chicken John, 1st Choice For Second Place | Laughing Squid

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