…and so it begins~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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As I unpack my suitcase from my trip to Burning Man, I think about brutal truth. I am literally digging my clothes out of the suitcase. I could use a shovel. The dust this year at Burning Man was like advertising. It just got in everywhere. It was a challenge this year to not be miserable. But there was stunning art, naked maniacs, fancy clothes and a deep level of understanding and tolerence that draws me back even though the guy who runs it sounds more like Teddy Rosevelt every day. That’s a brutal truth. BM isn’t the utopia I thought we were building. While I was building a vessel for unrestricted generosity some other people were building job security. We all met in the middle and now that the arguement of weather it’s an art festival or a community festival is irrelevant because it’s a right of passage that all Canadians must do before they die.


We begin now our mayoral candidacy. I was hoping to tell you that we qualified for matching funds by now, but the paperwork is still being checked. We will know soon. Monday maybe. I’m assebling staff. Photographer. Manager. Gal Friday. I’ve assembled a Tuesday night strategy team. Dream team. The mural of my face on the side of my building starts tomorrow. I’m moving my office out of my bedroom. I have to buy a fax machine. It’s all so…. adult.

I know it’s starting now. Because someone called me today to move a couch for them. I asked them if they would like me to move it Nov. 8th or Nov. 9th? I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I guess anyone would in this situation. I mean, ya know what you know and what ya don’t you go find out. Doesn’t sound that hard. But in politics, you can’t know it all. So in that way, we’re all equal. And I’ve got Dr. Hal. So nay.


Ya gotta admit, it’s got a ring to it… I think we win if the newpaper headline Wedensday Nov 7th reads:


A guy can dream can’t he….

Comfortable in brutal truth. That’s a great lesson. Someone should write a self-help book with that title. I’d read it. I read Sugar Blues and the Power of Now. Damn. Maybe a book about running for mayor as therepy. Running for mayor as a sure-fire way to quit smoking. Run for mayor of LA to get discovered? The possiblitlys are endless. Maybe a reality show where all the candidate are locked in City Hall and interns vote them off the island. Combine the Olympics and politics? It rymes…

OK, no more random exausted burnt out after Burning Man musings. Tomorrow morning I will rise, dress and start my new job: I’m a candidate for the postion of Mayor for the city of San Francisco for the next 60 days. In the next 2 months, I will consider our founding fathers vision. I will champion the ideas of Democracy and will get an education on how to make a difference in our system of governance in a way I have eluded my whole life. I’m going to take this opportunity to change my thinking and re-tool my machine. With positive resolve, I will march forward beleiveing that the system can work and that it’s design although not flawless is mostly valid and calculated. My intention will be to simply leave it better than I found it. Somehow. My intention will be to document my learning process. I’m so green I’m St. Patrick’s Day. I may be a doormat for Mr. Newsom now… but I’ve got a secret weapon. And 500 people just donated to this campaign. I’ve got a posse! In the world of polling, 500 people doing something is a constituency of 50,000. 10% of the voting population of SF has been to Burning Man. I think I’ll get the 40 Italians in SF to vote for me as well… Win, place, show…. the only difference is where ya put your money, right?

Bet your sweet bippy on the Showman to place on the 6th…


4 Responses to “…and so it begins~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”

  1. 1 lost

    OMG Chicken John you missed the Opera Gala Grand opening last night!!!! How remiss. Burning Man is no excuse because lots of people there just got back from Burning Man…a certain Mayor was there and you know he had his hand out. Tickets went from the cheapest of $850 to the most expensive of $5000.

    Gawd some of those people spent $5000 each ($10,000 for two) on OPERA TICKETS!!!

    They spend a hundred dollars every single morning for their private chiefs to plug in their coffee makers!!!!!

    If you had gone to the Opera and just told every old bag who would listen that as mayor you would completely lift all restrictions on adding garages to mansions in Pacific Heights they would be stuffing checks in your underwear like a Market Street Cinema stripper.

  2. 2 Hope Chest

    Better yet: I’m certain through your constiuency that you know people who produce and perform with the opera. Let’s see if we can make a free opera in Dolores Park happen for The People who may never have the privilege of being exposed to this part of creative culture and history. That would be artistic, innovative, and certainly bring you some attention.


  3. 3 lost

    Ha ha Hope Chest if you think hardly ANYONE at the opera could tell you about its true creative culture and history then you don’t know those people.

    To learn about the real history and culture of opera one must begin at chapter one of Balzac’s “A Harlot’s Progress” which I assure you none of the illiterate pretenders in their private jets and secret service contingents would have ever heard of.

    PS In my opinion the award for ‘date with the best tits’ goes to former Mayor Willie Brown. Would you agree?

  4. 4 lost

    They’re not illuminati. They’re illiterati.

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