It’s Chicken v. Gavin!


Lev here again with late-breaking news from San Francisco. Tony Hall, the only other serious contender for the number 2 spot in the mayor’s race, has dropped out! Read about it here in the Chronicle. Here’s some choice quotes:

With Hall out, “Who does that leave? The Chicken Johns of the world?” said Richard DeLeon, a San Francisco State University political science professor emeritus.

Newsom’s campaign manager, Eric Jaye, said Hall’s exit will affect the campaign, though probably not the outcome of the election. “He was one of the last candidates left that wasn’t named after a barnyard animal,” Jaye said.

Truly, this race is ours to lose! Meanwhile, our hard-working candidate Chicken John is pressing the flesh (in multiple ways, all quite wholesome) on the Playa at Burning Man, taking grass roots politics to where the grass doesn’t grow.

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4 Responses to “It’s Chicken v. Gavin!”

  1. If I hear one word of Chicken’s bullshit while I’m having a good time out here on the playa, I will throw eggs at him.

  2. 2 missy b

    Right on, Mandra! Fuck Chicken John.. Making a mockery of politics! The man’s a clown!

    Please keep fighting the good fight on your blog and checking his website constantly from the Playa. Blogging your 40 wpm of disgust in the dust. YARRRrr.

  3. 3 Hope Chest

    There’s more than one Chicken John????11!!!

  4. 4 Jeremy

    Deep down inside, aren’t we all Chicken John?

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