Awesome fundraising event: Monday night, 6PM at La Casa Verde, the showcase house for green tech…


On the corner of 25th street and Alabama, in San Francisco’s Mission district is a building. It’s actually an idea. An idea whose time may just have come. It may actually be early. This idea of a building is referred to in Sunset magazine. It’s the first LEED Building Standards Platinum rated residential structure.


I sent out a plea to my mailing list. The general contractor of this place responded. She said that she was very interested in my campaign and thought that my running was “relevant”. She knows about my involvement in Scraphouse, and is very interested in the Scraphouse Law, which I’ll talk about below. She offered the house up for a demo, even though it’s not totally done. It’s the greenest house on Earth. It’s the most efficient, effective and intelligently designed house ever. It’s a model. And if you come to the event on Monday, you will be the first people to see it. Before any of Gavin Newsom’s people see it. Before the fancy architects see it. Before Larry Badniger (the zoning administrator) sees it. Because you’re gonna write a check (you’re a SF resident, aren’t you) for a hundred bucks. I need to raise $25K by Tuesday at 5:00. I’m almost at $20K. I just need 50 more people to kick down, and I qualify for matching funds. Which is totally important.

Sean Hayes will play for us. Sean is my favorite singer/songwriter. I’m honored that he will come and swoon for the cause. We also have a case of Sirius Vodka donated, and the Sirius Vodka ladies doing the infusion sampling. I’ve got wine donated from Whiterock Vineyard and food from various places. Ritual coffee of course… And we did all this in an hour today, all this booking and stuff. I send out a distress email and the Cavalry came!

The house will be a treasure of our community, an example of the way things should be. This is what San Francisco can be in ALL departments, in ALL areas and in ALL thinking. You will get to explore the house, and marvel at its design. It’s really, really super cool. If you remember the NOW HOUSE from a couple years ago, this house blows it away. This is no luxury live/work condo plastic fantastic blah blah… this is cutting edge green design. In this age of greenwashing and green as a fad or trend, things like the sunset house are totally important. They will push the building codes and laws in the right direction, which of course in the end is conservation.

There is a law that is being considered in San Francisco. It’s #1 on my priorities of the *INNOVATION* part of my Art and Innovation mantra. This law is called the Scraphouse Law. It will clearly state that 10% (for a start!!!!) of the materials used in the construction of a new building must be from the destruction of another building. This is such a slam dunk, you can’t even believe it. Follow the rabbit hole, it all leads to a great place. If nothing else, it is the first step to mining the landfill. Which is such a huge part of our future. Our future is in the landfill…. funny, sure. But true. There is more and more and more, and I will tell you about it all…. but you must come to the event!!!! Meet the builders, meet the designers, meet me and some other people from Scraphouse. This Monday at 6:00.

Admission should be $100. OK $50. Whatever. If you believe in things green and not greenwashed you may want to support my absurdist campaign. I built a car that runs on coffee grinds. To prove a point. I need the matching funds to use the press to push my points and my agenda to make our city leaders re-think the current path in regards to energy and fuels. I can do this. I want to see a few buses running off coffee grinds and methane. It’s easy. I want to see Terra Preta in our parks. I want to see our city dump gasifying garbage and creating its own power. I want our recycling program to work. I would like to see repurposing done on a global scale, starting with the Scraphouse Law. I would like to introduce people to power generation as an art form. Huh? Yup. The generation of power as a form of art. Why not? Maybe then we could better grasp the value of it. And not squander and waste so much. But experimentation and openness to innovations is brave. And our current political climate is poisoned with cowardice; the progressive agenda has sunk to a new low. Me.

Please come to this awesome event. And thank you to Jeremy Paul for knowing everyone in the universe. chicken


13 Responses to “Awesome fundraising event: Monday night, 6PM at La Casa Verde, the showcase house for green tech…”

  1. 1 Hope Chest

    “the progressive agenda has sunk to a new low. Me.”

    Recycling at its best

  2. 2 Patrick Monk.RN.Noe Valley

    Well i hope you guys are all having, or had, lotsa “fun”. The new political low is that money and support are being diverted into this campaign and away from folks who are actually trying to raise, discuss and resolve issues that negatively impact so many who can’t afford to feed and care for their families. Y’all are blowing big bucks dicking around in the desert at some pseudo ‘alternative’ rip-off, while kids are being poisoned in the Bayview; speculators and politicos are destroying communities; and folks without income, let alone disposable income, are dying in the streets. Y’all may think you’re so cool, hip, groovy and artsy when the reality is you’re self indulgent, elitist uncreative consumers of dreck. God knows i like to party down, been doing it for decades, scars to prove it, but when you get back home i suggest you might rethink your priorities and how you allocate your resources, do something that might feed the the bodies, hearts and souls of others, instead of just feeding your empty heads.

  3. 3 yeastbeast

    It’s precisely the sort of humorless haters like Poster #2 above that take all the fun out of local politics. Have fun at home seething with impotent rage, dude.

  4. Every person in SF should be concerned about the Asbestos being blown by the wind from Bayview Hunter’s Point. A UC Davis study published in 2005 showed very clearly that the risk of lung cancer due to Asbestos is significant for people even 10 km or more from deposits of Ultramafic rock. This study specifically did not include the effects from Asbestos at “ground zero”, right on top of the deposits. Notice that in the white populated areas of Santa Clara County, people are oh-so-concerned about Asbestos being blown off of the dirt at a local baseball field. They had pictures on the news of people in Hazmat suits playing baseball, checking for Asbestos in the air. But when it comes to Hunter’s Point, what do you do? You give all of your money to a candidate who doesn’t even want to win. There are serious Mayorial candidates out there who are opposed to what is happening in Hunter’s Point. Why don’t you give them some of your money?

  5. Wow, yeastbeast, pretty defensive one-liner against that smart citizen. Sounds like you’re the only hater seething with rage. The RN touch a nerve, did he? Sorry the whole city can’t just be Chicken John’s private joke! Oh, well, he’ll find some other way to scam money and attantion.

  6. 6 theostrich

    I’m not even close to seething with rage, but #2/Yeastbeast (we know they’re one and the same, right…?) does have a point, albeit a poorly made one. I respect Chicken John’s right to make what he will out of politics, but it would be so great if he were actually going to DO something about it as opposed to simply revealing what’s already known: modern American politics, on all levels, are a mockery. Duh. Why add more mockery to the pot? Why not do something REALLY different and leave the not-so-Sirius vodka girls to work their club events? Just because it’s art, Chicken John, doesn’t mean it can’t be real or serious. I want some help with the homeless, and the addicts, and the dirt, and the pollution, and i want to keep being an artist – with community support – too. Don’t waste my time if you’re not going to approach ALL of those subjects, ya dig?

  7. 7 theostrich

    whoops, sorry Yeastbeast, i meant JT & RN being the same person. They at least seem to share a mind, don’t they?

  8. 8 yeastbeast


    yes, JT, RN & and a number of other posters are sock puppets for someone out there who really hates Chicken. That person has put up a bunch of websites that are critical of Chicken… everything ranging from accusations of thievery and corruption to name-calling as “corporate sellout” and “shut the fuck up, Chicken.” Someone who devotes so much time, money and effort in attacking a harmless public figure like Chicken John is clearly unhinged. In general, I try not to feed the trolls and in the future will continue to ignore this person.

    As for your thoughtful comment, I have a different perspective. The purpose of the Chicken for Mayor campaign is not, as you put it, to make a mockery of American politics. The object here is to have fun, do a good job of publicizing the issues that Chicken and his friends care the most about and, most importantly, to show that political outsiders actually can engage in the political process without playing by the rules.

    Chicken John may be a clown, but that’s doesn’t mean he’s not serious. This campaign isn’t just about putting on a good show— it’s about putting democracy back in the hands of the people (or at least some of the people). He doesn’t have to win the race to achieve this goal. Hundreds of people in the city are so jazzed that one of their friends is doing this crazy thing that they gave him $25K to do it. People have voted with their wallets— they want Chicken to run and to do a good job of it. Otherwise, the election would a rubber stamp win for Gavin.

    As for the issues, I’m sorry to say this, but the problems facing this city (homelessness, drugs, poverty, pollution, etc.) are endemic social ills that are not solvable by any one candidate. Candidates who promise to fix these problems are lying to you or to themselves. Of course these things are bad, and of course we all want solutions, but quite honestly these problems are beyond the scope of this particular mayor’s race. This isn’t to say that we should just ignore these problems… that’s why we collectively elect a Board of Supervisors and the next mayor, who of course will be Gavin Newsom.

    I think Chicken wants to focus on the things that matter most to his constituents, which is to put local artists in the spotlight, to promote homebrewed green technology, to show that we can come up with clever, innovative solutions to hitherto neglected problems and to show that politics doesn’t have to be gloomy or corrupt (which is the traditional choice between left and right in this town).

    By the way, for disclosure purposes, I am involved with the Chicken for Mayor campaign but this message is entirely in my personal capacity, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Chicken John.

  9. 9 CRS

    If you think 3027 – 25th St is “green,” think again.

    We don’t care how “green” this may or may not be, it is a bad fit for the neighborhood.

    It is plain ugly ugly ugly.

    The project sponsor obviously did NO neighborhood outreach.

    And hey, does Code really allow a gas tank to be buried in a residential neighborhood??

    The owner never did a Pre-App meeting, and when the plywood sheathing went up around the exterior siding, we thought it was to protect the facade. Little did we know that what they were doing inside of that wall of sheathing was what seems to have been an illegal demolition.

    The Building Inspector says that there is nothing we can do about any of this.

    We call the Monster on the Corner various things; the most obvious is “the refrigerator.”

    Another of us says it reminds him of Ren & Stimpy. I think he says that because it’s so ugly, with no redeeming neighborhood character whatsoever. Or maybe because it’s the ghastly color(s) on unremittingly cheap composite siding.

    Leafing through the Architectural Design Guidelines,
    what stands out are the sheer number of items which are “out of compliance,” “out of character,” “out of place” in contrasting this structure with the house which was demolished.

    It’s difficult to say which of the many many Design Guidelines/ Design Principles it violates are the most egregious, but perhaps in the two top positions may be
    – the lack of a 15-foot 3rd-storey setback,
    – the bad fit with the rest of the neighborhood in each and every Design Guideline category.

    The sheer Ren & Stimpy refrigerator-ness of it is appalling, and as we learned today we are looking forward to a windmill rising in its backyard which will tower over 15 feet over all surrounding structures. Aren’t we lucky to have this as a neighbor!

    We know this was supposed to be “green,” but we know from the trash blowing around the neighborhood during construction that the builders took no care to contain the materials and trash.

  10. 10 Patrick Monk.RN.Noe Valley

    Just stopped by, to say hi, and clarify, #2(aka)RN, and JT are not the same person. As for sharing a mind, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, i know what a challenge it is like sharing my own at times. Far from sitting at home seething with impotent rage, i am and have been doing what little i can to support the folks in Bayview-Hunters Point in their fight against the imminent displacement and gentrification of their community at the hands of Lennar Inc and their like. I am also involved in the mayoral campaign of the only independent progressive candidate in the race, one who has been actively fighting for justice and equality for all for decades. Dr. AHIMSA SUMCHAI. I suggest you check out her platform and positions and see if your support and dollars couldn’t be better spent in trying to bring attention to the critical issues she is raising.
    Than you.
    Patrick Monk.RN. Noe Valley.
    PS. Josh Wolf is also doing a pretty good job.

  11. I’m not going to argue with you. But in my defence I just would like to say that Ahimsa, Josh and Quenten are all wonderful… but this is my constituency. This is our little world. This is what WE do. THEY do something else. To say that what we do is less valuable then what they do is missing a crucial point. That is my opinion. I’m running for second place. I’m not in any ones way. The only arguement is that I’m taking attention away from the other candidates. The defence is that I’m bringing attention to a candidate that is not Gavin. It sounds like you mad at the progressives for not getting a candidate together. Me too. But I”m not your progressive candidate. I’m the idiot that’s running for second place. I’m harmless. As for the money… $40,000 or so is a lot. But if I were to canvas for Ahimsa I would have raised $500. But from here, I can help Ahimsa more than $500 would have helped her. You are seeing things as unchangable. I see that in the next 2 months anything is possible. For any of us. That’s the way the system is supposed to feel. Are you complaining to Mr. Powers? He raised more money than me, he owns a sex club. How about the $5,000 that H. Brown spent to run for mayor? Should he have given that to Ahimsa? I’m not the enemy here, the people who put asbestos in the air are. But that’s not a cause I”m gonna champion. I’m also not going to champion the seals, the vets, the potholes, the ozone layer, the noise abatement, the developers, the dog shit, the bridge, needle exchange, welfare, nuclear war or Isreal. My focus is narrow, and before me is a small, winable battle. Next battle might be bigger. All persons fighting all battles are valeable. But I thank you for your comments.

  12. 12 Patrick Monk.RN

    Morning John,
    Appreciate your response, excellent points, well taken, no ‘argument’ here, agree with much of what you say, will probably follow up if you have any interest in pursuing public discussion, if not – that’s cool – god knows it’s not like we don’t have other ‘stuff’ to do. But right now i’m just gonna enjoy the weekend, have a good one but beware of premature ignition, can result in unplanned consequences.

  1. 1 Matching Funds For Chicken John’s Mayoral Campaign | Laughing Squid

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