Foodhacking, fundraising, wine drinking and some complaining…



Photo by Lane Hartwell

Food hacking indeed. I was once told the difference between a cook and a chef: the sauce. These guys made the best scallops I have ever had. Food hacking was fun, we made like $1,200 and had an interesting conversation with a guy who’s really into Henry George. His name was David, and he ran for mayor in the last election. He got 25 votes. They’re coming out of the woodwork, I tell ya….

Fundraising isn’t so bad, but the paperwork involved is like a Jerry Lewis skit. You would think they were kidding. We are super close. $20K or so is what we got. We have 6 full days. But everyone is gone to Burning Man. I am severely handicapped. Matching funds are so close, I fear that if we miss it’s gonna be by a few hundred dollars. That’ll be funny. So if you have control over other people please get them to peel off a check made out to vote for chicken or paypal to Without the matching funds I don’t have much of a campaign, really. It would be reduced to just me talking. And no one wants that…

In other news, endorsement questionnaires are piling in. League of woman voters, green party, tenants rights organizations. They want to know what I’m gonna do about the potholes when I’m mayor. Telling them that I’m only accepting endorsements for second place feels a little odd, but it’s interesting.

Here’s a video that I made drunk on wine: gavin vs chicken

Funny thing with fundraising, the most unlikely people are giving me hundreds of dollars. All my tight friends are broke, and giving like $100. But getting a check from someone I don’t know for $500 is amazing. Five hundred bucks, bam! That’s like a whole event, right there…

Thursday. Today is Thursday. I’ve got 4 business days left… chicken


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