How we do’in? (gourmet food at the Chez Poulet Tuesday 08/21)


We’re doing great over here. How are you? We are getting the right kind of attention… these guys are no shit awesome chefs. The fundraising goal is $25K by next Tuesday. Today we’re at $17,000. We’re doing it. We need more help, though. Please. Making the $25K by next Tuesday is a guaranteed $50K. Next week. Then a 4-1 match after that. So if we fundraise a total of $50K (by January), that’s $200,000 total. We gotta make it, it’s too cool. $200,000 grand to spend on relevant, intelligent debates with all the candidates in interesting and fun locations. $200,000 to spend showing the city of San Francisco how an art spark works. $200,000 total, which a lot would end up going to artists to prove my calculations. Money to pay the artists who are painting the mural on my building. Money to pay the photogapher who hasn’t taken a dime yet. Money to get the permits and navagate the process to make a business go off grid. Money to build a gasifier to give to the city to run a muni bus on. And on and on. Matching funds is a program that is in place to make people’s contributions worth more. My intention is to give everyone their money’s worth. Times 100.

Tomorrow night at the Chez Poulet:


TUESDAY august 21ST
show up earlier to help cook!!
Chez Poulet, 3359 Cesar Chavez, Bernal Heights.

Join SF’s premiere food hacking chefs in a fundraiser for Chicken John,
Our Next Mayor. Art + Innovation belong in your stomach! Liquid nitrogen,
vacuum chambers, MSG + COFFEE pairings?! 100$/pop gets you guaranteed
freaky delicious food that you will not find anywhere else. Mostly
vegetarian, some weird surprises. Bring a bunch of friends and your
checkbook- make it out to Vote For Chicken. Show up early to help cook
and plate- interactive supper club! If the concept is baffling, check out for an idea of what’s in store.

I’ve also built another gasifer for Burning Man. I need a new pair of gloves.


Photo by Lane Hartwell


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