Report of the fundraiser at the Chez Poulet…



Photo by Lane Hartwell See more photos from the dinner here.

75 people came to the Chez Poulet on Thursday and had a chicken dinner. Thank you all for coming. Pamela Holm cooked all the food, it was kinda amazing. It was an odd group. From all walks of life. I wandered around from conversation to conversation… wonderful. A great sampling of the City of Art and Innovation. The food was awesome. We made $2,500 or so. Which gets us around $15,000. Ten grand away from the prize. We have until the 28th, next Tuesday.

The next dinner at my house is on Tuesday, with Foodhacking. This one is gonna be a little more gourmet, Pamela made American food. Gourmet food makes me cranky, there’s never enough of it. But if you come and tuesday and your still hungry I’ll heat up some of the 14 pounds of macaroni and cheese that’s left over in my fridge. If you are unfamiliar with food hacking, it’s kinda like anarchist chefs. Or something. Here, go to their webthing

I’m getting pummeled with endorsement questioneers. Green party, bike coalition, league of woman voters… I’m telling them that I will not accept any first place endorsements, as I am running for second. They are all baffled. Very funny.

The other candidates had a debate last night on Civic Center Plaza lawn. Without microphones. Idiots.

I’m gonna build a gasifier today with competent metal fabricator Steve Valdez. I wanna make one for cruzing the playa, so a small one for idleing. We can do it in a day now. Or less. This one will run chunk fuel or walnut shell.

Here is the invite from Foodhacking:

okay here’s the deal:

dinner at 7pm, show up at 6pm to help
we should be done by 10pm or so.. this will be a lot of fun!

gunna make food for 30 people- 100$/person admission…

we should get some liquid nitrogen (can either get some from some place in
dogpatch, or maybe get a hookup from david calkins who gets it for free- i
have a vacuum dewar for 2liters worth) – we can make some cool stuff with

menu so far:
-a nice soup with garnish
-a nice salad
-some seafood dish
-some vegetarian dish
-liquid nitrogen palate cleanser
-some dessert

i will bring a dj and stuff…

ps this will rule and we will raise HELLA MONEY (how’s that goin btw??)

okay, cool,


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