My day at city hall, video…


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Last Friday was the deadline to file for mayor. I barely made the money. I barely figgered out (with 3 lawyers helping me) how to file the paperwork. I woke up early, washed my body, said my prayers, ate a good breakfast and rushed like a madman for the rest of the day. I filed at 4:45. The news cameras waited for me. It was odd. Pretty cool, though. I walked through city hall with an entorage of reporters that I mostly ignored. Friends were waiting at the election office and cheered. I kissed babies. I spoke in soundbites. I made eye contact. I was a screen that everyone projected their Amercia on. OK, maybe not, but I just wanted to see if you were paying attention. I walked into city hall and wanted to see Gavin’s office. I don’t know why, I just wanted to. I didn’t even know where it was, I had to ask directions. Room 200. The walls were cherry hardwood. The rug was like a casino. The confluence of colognes and perfumes in the office was surreal. It’s a stunning building. Marble everywhere. Polished. Cavernious. Vapid. It was like the ceilings were designed to maximize the sound of people screaming. I thought of a concert of bassoons playing on the steps, with old ladies tap dancing up and down the marble dias. I dressed wrong. I wore dark, should have worn light. Light is taller. I filed the papers and took everyone out for a drink. Drinks. Drunk. Fall down. Exausted. Mentally spent. Very emotional. Couldn’t sleep. Read Huck Finn. Again. How words can jump off the page like that and dance in front of your eyes. How little blips of ink on paper can create charicters so complex. Crazy people are starting to write me email. And call me. Angry people. Bizzarre people. Bring it on, city of freak flags flying high…


Photo by Lane Hartwell See more photos from the day here.

Pam from Pirate Cat is throwing a fundraiser dinner!!!!!

Let Pixie and Maggie of Suspect Advice cook you dinner !!!

Pirate Cat Radio is hosting a Chicken Dinner fundraiser, this Thursday evening, August 16th at Chez Poulet.

By now you’ve probably heard that Chicken John is running for Mayor of San Francisco.
The point isn’t to win ā€“ Gavin Newsom’s going to do that ā€“ the point is to fight a stellar losing battle; to draw attention to a number of issues that will otherwise be ignored; and to have fun doing it.

Chicken needs to raise $25,000. by August 28th. He’s brought a lot to the San Francisco arts community, now it’s time to give back!!!

We at Pirate Cat radio believe in Chicken John;
we believe in fostering a City of Art and Innovation;
we like pickup trucks that run on coffee grinds; and…
and we believe in having fun, lots of fun, as much fun as we can have in a lifetime, or more.

Please join us for a Chicken Dinner:
Thursday Night August 16th @ 7pm
Sliding scale $20. – $100.
Chez Poulet 3359 Army Street, SF CA 94110

We’ll be serving fried chicken, mac and cheese, vegetables, salad and apple pie — because we’re Americans god damn it.

Chicken John will be on hand to speak about his platform and answer your questions. Pirate Cat Radio DJs will play music for the event. You will eat, enjoy yourself and write big fat checks – or slim beneficial ones.

Invite your friends.
Please RSVP to before Wednesday 8/15 @ Midnight.



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