Video: Help Chicken John Run For Mayor of San Francisco


Hey guys, Scott Beale here, filling in for Chicken who has a fever (email him get well ecard). I’m re-posting this here which I have just posted over at Laughing Squid.

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So, as you know by now, Chicken John is running for Mayor of San Francisco. Eddie Codel has produced an instructional video, staring Matthew J. Harman as Chicken John, showing how you can help collect the 10,000 signatures that Chicken John needs by Wednesday, July 25th to become an official mayoral candidate.

Here are the two PDF’s that are referenced in the video:

front of fancy official document
back of fancy official document

Print them out on one sheet of paper, front and back (important, it has to be only one sheet, front and back), fill out your name, signature, date and address on the front and the affidavit of circulator on the back, fold it and then mail it to the campaign headquarters address:

Chicken John For Mayor
3359 Cesar Chavez
San Francisco, CA 94110

Make sure you are registered to vote in the City of San Francisco and use the address where you are registered to vote. If you are not registered to vote or you need to update your address, you can register or update your registration online.

Chicken John For Mayor


5 Responses to “Video: Help Chicken John Run For Mayor of San Francisco”

  1. Hurrah for the Coop D’Etat!

    There will be a humble neighborhood art reception at Toad’s on Friday 6:30-1100 just around the corner from the Chicken HQ at 26th and Valencia. There will be art on the Humanity vs. Nature theme with a fire out back at the end.

    This seems like a good place for a campaign stop.

  2. 2 Vicki

    Is there anything we can do to help if we do not live in San Francisco?

  3. 3 Magda


  4. 4 AHTOH

    i second vicki! we need a man like this in politics, in SF or Sacramento, anywhere. chicken john IS the embodiment of the Rugged American Individualist, who provides to the community, and an Artist who creates things that are useful. Like he said in that recent interview, the information that was used to construct things in the past, was totally forgotten and in its place are wasteful techniques that were developed simply to sustain any corporation looking to make the most money at the expense of EVERYTHING that is good about the surroundings of a project. It is similar to the philosophy of James Howard Kunstler who also believes that gasifying things and continuing to make things comfortable for people’s CARS and CAPITALIST IDEALS (recycling materials to build garages and malls which is a major part of the “green fad”) rather than the whole of PEOPLE(who have money) isn’t exactly a healthy,nor sustainable goal. San Francisco deserves better. If I lived in the damn city I’d be volunteering for his campaign whether Chicken would want me to or not. The Message needs to be put out there and the city of SF SHOULD be on the forefront of Urban Progressivism in the country rather than a less Nazi version of New York.

  1. 1 CatCubed : Blog Archive » SF Politics in the 21st century

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