Hope and signatures…


So this signature thing is quite challenging. Here is Bill the friendly junkman sitting outside the yard with a clipboard doing his part. Were’ just not really good at this kinda thing…..

But there is someone to save the day. Matthew from Ritual and Stars and Garters is stepping up to help. I am grateful, and forever in his debt. Here is his email that he sent to me.



My name is Matthew J. Harman. When I was 17 I thought I might run for president. Now I am 27 and I am going to do something much more absurd… I’m going to help Chicken John run for mayor. I am just a normal young American fellow. I work at the local coffee shop, and I am a nanny for a 21 month old little girl.

Chicken John is my friend. Today I went to visit him and he was on the phone when I arrived. He was pulling his hair out. I was concerned. He doesn’t have a lot of hair. It’s going fast. In the time I was there his phone rang 14 times. I am serious. 14 times. I was there for a half an hour. When I left there was a little pile of Chicken-hair on the ground.

He needs our help.

I am stepping up. So should you.

10,000 signatures are hard to get when you get 28 phone calls an hour. 10,000 signatures is a lot even if all of your friends are out on the street getting the signatures with you. I’ll tell you… I was out on the street today. The people smiled, signed, and even thanked me. I felt like I was really affecting the perspective of the individuals that I encountered. I walked away with a few full sheets of signatures. Only about 8,000 more to go.

Today the proletariat has a face in politics in San Francisco. Politics can finally be fun. We are going to have a good time getting these signatures this week. We’re going to get dressed up and talk to friends and strangers.

So… Since he won’t say it. I will. I need your help. I need your help getting 10,000 signatures by Wednesday the 25th.

Here is the plan:

Wednesday night we are going to get on the bus. The theme is Suits and Skirts. Wear whichever one you want. Both. Whatever. We’re going to get on the bus at Chicken’s. 5pm. We will go to the Castro. Hit the sidewalk and bars for half an hour. Get back on the bus go to North Beach. Same thing different place. Shampoo. Rinse. Repeat. You get it. We are all going to have a fun time getting a few thousand signatures.

Are you in?

Chicken’s house (the Chez Poulet) is at 3359 Army street (cesar chavez) @ mission. You’ll see the bus…

Maybe you don’t like to have fun on the bus? Maybe you just want to bring a sheet around to your friends and have them sign it. That’s ok. Come to Chickens and get as many sheets as you can fill out. While you’re there have a laugh at Chicken’s campaign poster.

We’re going to get together and be silly until we have all the signatures. It should be a lot of fun. Ideas are welcome. I’ll keep you all updated.

Friday the 27th we will have a party to celebrate our accomplishments. It will be the most grand party the proletariat can have. Pizza and ice cream and all. Very American.

Please come on Wednesday. Write me with ideas, enthusiasm, questions: HerbieHatman@gmail.com

Best Regards,

Matthew J. Harman
A young American fellow with hope.

PS- Wednesday the 25th is Gay Underwear Skate Night. If you haven’t been yet, then you’re in for a real treat. We meet at Chicken’s house at 6. We leave at 6:30.


2 Responses to “Hope and signatures…”

  1. 1 Jeremy

    The signature gathering bus trip is this Wednesday the 18th, right? I assume that’s what’s going on, unless it’s a suits and skirts and gay underwear night.

  2. Signature gathering on the 18th, Gay Underwear Skate Night Bus Trip on the 25th. You can’t simultainiously wear a suit and underwear. I think…

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