Failing better… a great weekend awaits you in San Francisco…


So if you read the Chronicle cover story on my Mayoral campaign last Monday, you may be interested in reading this in today’s paper….

I’ll just copy it here:

“Say what you like,” the old saying goes, “as long as you spell my name right.” In your recent page-one coverage of my mayoral campaign, your reporter flubbed my last name by a keystroke. Now, I imagine some of you Chronikle people might not think it really matters if one of the “wacky” mayoral candidates gets his name mangled, but please understand that some folks like a story to accompany their news, including fact-checked facts and reliable details. So, for the record: my name is (Chicken) John Rinaldi, not Rivaldi. The keystroke error is a common one – the ‘n’ and the ‘v’ occupy mirror positions on a keyboard – and in this confusing world of politics, lefts and rights can get jumbled up pretty quickly. Especially when you’re trying to pound a candidate into a pigeonhole. So I will consider forgiving you in exchange for a belated mention of my website: And I promise to continue making outrageous statements on my blog, so your reporters can keep on mining that for content, and save themselves the trouble of actually interviewing me. Thanks for your time and consideration – and in the future, please don’t be shy about asking for help with spelling and grammar issues.

Chicken John Rinaldi,
Candidate for Mayor of San Francisco
City of Art and Innovation 2007

Score one point Chronicle, one point Chicken…..


So there is a BBQ at my place on Saturday. All are invited. I’ll have forms and voter registration packets. And grillables. 3359 Army Street @ Mission. 2 PM till later. Grill master Rick! will man the maranade and I”m sure someone will do something entertaining. The dog needs attention…….


I met an interesting lady last night. Do you know Violet Blue? She’s nifty. I liked her. You can get lost in her endless digital contributions.


Sunday, Sunday Sunday…. Sunday I’m going to go out in the Cafe Racer and hit the mean street of ‘frisco and collect signatures. Meet at the Chez Poulet at 11:00. We will get out on the campaign trail. You wanna know what happens if you spilt the word campaign into 2 words, phonicly?


cam (kām) Pronunciation Key
n. An eccentric or multiply curved wheel mounted on a rotating shaft, used to produce variable or reciprocating motion in another engaged or contacted part.


physical suffering or distress, as due to injury, illness, etc.

So to be the campain trail is to an eccentric wheel in distress. I can relate…


I’m getting calls from talk radio hosts. Just like I said I would:

” I mean, what’s a guy like me
gonna contribute? I’m reduced to a human interest story. Wacky. I’m
fodder for the morning raidio annoucer from Cleavland. “Chicken John,
are you *Wacky? When you were a kid, did you eat paste? How much do
you make being so *WACKY*?!?!?” and so on. I mean, how much damage
can a guy like me really do? Just a little guy with a microphone… ”

I wrote this on June 26th. Wacky indeed…


This weekend is the final performance of the ROBBER BRIDEGROOM, a Stars and Garders production. It’s all the people from the Odeon and some other ones:
Ben Burke
Mr. Phoniex
Jenny Jo
Jascha Eiphram
Elizibeth Millican
Matthew Harman
Claire Mack
Nieves Rathbun
and on and on…

It’s a super great show, and you should definatly go. I went last night it was supurb. Really inspiring. It’s a play about a magic potion and *love*… and the heavy heart that accompanies imprudent imaginings…



San Francisco, lock up your fixies — something dumb this way comes …

The Heavy Pedal CYCLECIDE BIKE RODEO announces its third annual PEDAL MONSTER!!

If San Francisco is the World Capital of Weird, then CYCLECIDE BIKE RODEO is the city’s most notorious and hard-working ambassador for its two-wheeled, junk-rescuing lifestyle. The world’s only bicycle-themed circus/rodeo sideshow and pedal-powered carnival-ride midway, Cyclecide has wowed audiences from Brooklyn to Mexico City with its pedal-oriented, drunk-clown-heavy, mayhem-tastic live act and death-defying carnival rides made primarily out of “pre-cycled” bike and auto parts.

PEDAL MONSTER, the annual gathering of the tribes — as well as Cyclecide’s main fundraiser and hometown show of the year — will see marauding mutant bicycle clubs from all over the country converge on the Yay Area: Black Label Bike Club from nowhere and everywhere, the Dead Baby Bike Club out of Seattle, C.H.U.N.K. 666 from Portland, San Fernando Valley’s Chaingang, and the Skidmarxxx among them.

The Life Sized Mousetrap game, bands, weird shit, Doggie Diner Heads…. all at the junkyard.



Fire Arts Festival in Oakland at the Crucible this weekend. (is someone going that can collect signatures?)

Bastille Day party at Builders Resources on Sunday.

Campain strategy meeting on Tuesday.

Gay underwear skate night next Wedensday.

Chicken John
San Francisco, California


One Response to “Failing better… a great weekend awaits you in San Francisco…”

  1. 1 KitsuneCaligari

    Just have to say it – I’m not sure I wanna vote for someone who calls San Francisco “‘frisco” – I’m sure Emperor Norton would not approve….

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